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Dart Technologies specialises in providing CCTV systems which meet the requirements of a variety of property types, such as retail premises, educational establishments, industrial sites and offices. CCTV can be simple or complex, for example to identify individuals or vehicles, to alert an operator to the presence of an individual or to visually patrol a pre-defined area. Once objectives have been agreed, an appropriate mix of system components can be recommended.


Where real time observation of images is required, a system may be designed to prompt the operator by configuring pre-set views, pre-determined camera sequences or providing triggers from events such as alarms or motion detection.

Remote monitoring

Where it is impossible or uneconomical to provide the required resource to undertake observation on site, a remote monitoring service can be provided at ADT’s monitoring centre. By undertaking visual patrols or through event driven observation, an audio communication link with the site provides a means of challenging intruders or reassuring individuals of their safety.

Digital Video Recording

Intellex is an intelligent digital video management system that digitally records multiple camera images directly to the internal hard drive, eliminating the need for conventional VCRs and their associated maintenance and degradation limitations. However, Intellex does more than just record; it provides simultaneous recording, playback and archiving whilst using Intellex’s sophisticated search functions to define and find only those important events that meet your criteria. Intellex provides a powerful, intelligent solution to your security and operations systems. It is networkable, easily integrates with other equipment and is a cost effective solution for many new and existing customers.


With the increase in litigation cases, retailers are ever more concerned with providing a safe environment for staff and public alike. CCTV can assist in many cases in proving the exact circumstances behind an OH&S litigation claim.


Mobile Solutions

Sunday, 02 December 2012 10:07

vasMobile Value Added Services (VAS) is a well established and rapidly growing set of mobile applications beyond basic voice and messaging services. Many of these applications are targeted toward consumers, and include entertainment, gaming, multimedia content delivery, location-based services, and enhanced messaging capabilities. Business-focused VAS can include advanced messaging, conferencing capabilities, and customers self-service applications. Mobile VAS applications have been a source of incremental revenue and customer satisfaction for Network operators and hosted service providers worldwide.

Dialogic has a long history of enabling innovative VAS applications. For example, Dialogic helped pioneer one of the most successful mobile VAS applications, Ring-Back Tones. Since 2001, RBT applications have grown into a multi-billion dollar market worldwide.

Focus areas for continued development and deployment now include applications such as Mobile CRBT, Mobile Entertainment, Mobile Messaging, and Mobile Voice Enhancements. To learn more, follow the links below for more information.


A Note on Service Delivery Platforms

Service Delivery Platforms (SDPs) allow the rapid deployment and control of new services on telecom networks. An architectural concept that can use a variety of products, SDP is a layer that separates service applications from the complexity and variability of technologies in the network and provides common interfaces for service creation, user provisioning, and service monitoring. Successful SDP deployments can be found throughout the world for Mobile Radio, Messaging, Video Yellow Pages, and Call Management.


Mobile Entertainment

Mobile Entertainment includes important new applications, such as Video Portals, Video Chat, Gaming and Social Networking. Well established solutions such as Ring-Back Tones and Background Music are driving revenue today.


Mobile Messaging

Mobile Messaging includes proven revenue generators such as SMS and MMS, traditional Voice Mail, as well as emerging applications such as Voice SMS and Video Messaging.


Mobile Voice Enhancements

Mobile Voice includes many applications that enhance the basic mobile voice experierce. Mobile roaming, prepaid applications, missed-call alerts, and a long list of applications enabled with advanced signaling capabilities help reduce customer churn and capture mobile revenue.

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